Our Chauffeurs

  • Barry M.

    Barry has been with the  Susquehanna Valley Limousine team since 1997.  One of his most memorable moments driving is getting to see the bones of a T-Rex dinosaur that his passenger was buying.

  • Richie

    Richie wasn’t quite ready to fully retire, so he joined Susquehanna Valley Limousine on a part-time basis in 2004.  He enjoys meeting new clients and seeing new sites.

  • Bonnie K.Before joining the Susquehanna Valley Team in 2011, Bonnie drove Coach and School buses.  She offers these safe driving tips: be aware of your surroundings, use your mirrors, don’t tailgate and avoid speeding.

  • Mike E.

    Mike is has had quite a military career.  He served in the Navy, Army and National Guard.  After 22 years he retired and has been with the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team since 2011.

  • Earl B.

    Earl has been with the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team since 2012.  In addition to being an excellent driver, he is pretty good at golfing too – he’s had a hole-in-on and an eagle.

  • Linda B.

    Linda joined our team in 2012.  She enjoys the flexible hours and how we work with her availability as she also works in a vision center.

  • Brett D.

    What Brett enjoys most about driving for Susquehanna Valley Limousine is meeting people from such different backgrounds and having a new scenery from his “office” every day.

  • Bob Y.

    Bob has been with the Susquehanna Valley Limousine family since 2013.  He especially enjoys chauffeuring weddings and being part of those special days.

  • Ron K.
    Ron is a retired police officer and has been with the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team since 2015. He jokes that he has plenty of experience driving back seat drivers!

  • Jason M.Jason joined the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team in 2015.  He enjoys the flexibility of his schedule and likes getting to meet new people every day.

  • Darryl B.

    Darryl had over 20 years driving experience before joining Susquehanna Valley Limousine in 2015.  When he’s not behind the wheel you can find him tending to his Christmas Tree farm.

  • Melanie S.

    Melanie joined Susquehanna Valley Limousine in 2017, as a second job.  She loves meeting new people and all of the traveling being a chauffeur offers.

  • Bob S.

    Like many of our chauffeurs, Bob wasn’t ready to stop working after he retired from the Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources.  He joined our team in 2017.

  • Terrance C.

    Before joining Susquehanna Valley Limousine in 2017, Terrance was a direct service worker.  He is proud to provide such a great needed service for traveling clients.

  • Vince M.

    After retiring from Weis Markets Ice Cream Plant, Vince joined us in 2018.  You will find Vince driving for our Taxi service as well.

  • Sandy H.

    When Sandy isn’t driving for Susquehanna Valley Limousine, she is busy as a full-time EMT.  She likes being a chauffeur as no two trips are the same. Sandy joined us in 2019.

  • Fred M.

    Fred joined our team in 2019 after his career as as product development design engineer.  He is also a drummer and singer in a band!

  • Steve R.

    Steve enjoys all of the interesting people he meets while driving.  He joined the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team in 2019.

  • Mike G.

    In Mike’s previous careers in radio, newspaper and politics, he always enjoyed working with the public.  He joined us in 2020 and says “for an old guy who still has some tread on his tires, this job is perfect!”

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