Our Chauffeurs


Richie wasn’t quite ready to fully retire, so he joined Susquehanna Valley Limousine on a part-time basis in 2004. He enjoys meeting new clients and seeing new sites.

Chauffeur Kurt

Kurt M.

Kurt joined the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team in 2019. The aspect he most enjoys about being a chauffeur is meeting new clients and seeing different sights each trip.

Mike E.

Mike has had quite a military career. He served in the Navy, Army and National Guard. After 22 years he retired and has been with the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team since 2011.

Ron K.

Ron is a retired police officer and has been with the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team since 2015. He jokes that he has plenty of experience driving back seat drivers!

Jason M.

Jason joined the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team in 2015. He enjoys the flexibility of his schedule and likes getting to meet new people every day.

Melanie S.

Melanie joined Susquehanna Valley Limousine in 2017 as a second job. She loves meeting new people and all of the traveling being a chauffeur offers.

Mike G.

In Mike’s previous careers in radio, newspaper and politics, he always enjoyed working with the public. He joined us in 2020 and says “for an old guy who still has some tread on his tires, this job is perfect!”

Chauffeur Stan W

Stan W.

Stan joined the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team in 2020. A man of many talents, Stan is also an auctioneer of over 40 years and a musician!

Dennis chaurffeur

Dennis M.

Having worn many hats throughout his professional career, Dennis can now add chauffeur to professional musician, fire fighter, truck driver and pilot!

Terry S.

Terry joined the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team in 2021. One of his memorable moments driving is crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge for the first time, "Quite a view!"

Chauffeur Randy Y

Randy Y.

Before joining Susquehanna Valley Limousine in 2022, Randy drove school buses and straight body trucks. He offers these safe driving tips; Always use your mirrors and give adequate time to reach your destination.

Chauffeur Mike C.

Michael C.

Michael thinks the best part of being a chaurffeur is not knowing who will be his next passenger. He's driven for CEOs, singers, and actors! This Valley local joined the Susquehanna Valley Limo team in 2022.

Char Driver

Char W.

Char joined Susquehanna Valley Limousine in 2023 after 33 years as a teacher in LIne Mountain. This new career lets her meet a lot of interesting people.

James W.

After serving in the Air Force driving Generals and dignitaries, James moved to tractor trailers and coach buses. He has driving all over the US and in every major city!

Chauffeur Kimberley

Kimberley C.

While meeting new people is something Kim enjoys about driving, she especially likes to be a part of people's special days, like weddings, proms, and anniversaries.

Joe N.

Joe brings over 30 years of commercial vehicle operations to the Susquehanna Valley Limousine team. He joined our ranks in 2022. His driving advice is to give plenty of room for larger vehicles on the road.

Aimee K.

Before joining our team in 2023, Aimee drove school bus. Her combined driving experience has made her learn to drive defensively, but also to be patient while driving.

Chauffeur Carla

Carla J.

Chauffeur Darryl B

Darryl B.

After serving in the US Navy, Darryl has had a lengthy driving career; the Bureau of Prisons, fracking companies, charter buses are included on his resume. In his spare time he also is an umpire for youth softball and baseball.

Chauffeur Jonathan

Jonathan A.

Pat B.

Melanie B.


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