Executive Shuttle Bus

The Executive Shuttle Bus seats up to 20 people with forward-facing, leather seating.  Passengers will be extremely comfortable in the central air, with personal vents.  Each seat also has 2 usb charging ports.  Other features include wood floor, large passenger front window, and two large screen tv’s with DVD/CD. This is an ideal vehicle for corporate transportation and event shuttles.

Lincoln Navigator

The full-sized luxury SUV seats up to 6 passengers with best-in-class second and third row leg room. Features include plush leather seating, panoramic Vista Roof, and 6 USB charging points. The second row console gives passengers audio, temperature and heated seating control. The rear of the vehicle has ample luggage space.

Executive Van

Seats up to 14 passengers with luggage. The unique width and height of the Transit Van allows for a roomier interior with individual seating and the ability to fully stand. It features leather seating and 8 charging points.

Lincoln Continental

This luxury sedan seats up to three passengers.  It includes all leather interior and the Executive package allows guests to control heat and media from the rear seat.

Lincoln MKT

Seats up to 3 passengers with luggage. Leather interior.

Ford Expedition MAX Platinum SUV

Seats up to 6 passengers with luggage. Leather seating. Second row seating features captain’s chairs. Bench seating for third row. 12v, AC/DC, and usb power outlets.

Lincoln MKS

This luxury transport vehicle seats up to 3 passengers with luggage. Leather interior.